Automated Prayer Project v1.0

  • Will machines be recognized as being sentient when they create their own religion? Is religion a sign of our own sentience?
  • Will humanity one day abandon ritualized worship?
  • Would a machines worship us, or the gods that we believe in?
  • For those who don't believe in a religion, does a piece of software that prays reinforce the futility of religion? Conversely, for the faithful, does it show how much is lost through automation, and the need for a human being to be present for any spiritual meaning to come from the ritual of prayer?
  • Will people try to delegate their faith to machines in an attempt to "save time" in their daily lives?
  • Is God, in any of the forms that the people of the world believe in him/her, listening to our prayers? Is echoing out individual prayers to random portions of the Internet an appropriate analogy to the transmission of prayers by humans?
  • Would machines, if they ever adopt religion, pray into a vast network, or just let individual prayers exist only in memory banks?